Water Proof Mattress Protector 72″x78″+12″



Protect mattress from all kind of liquids, dust, mites, bacteria and keep it clean and dry

  • Protects your mattress from all types of liquids from top to bottom.
  • Water proof layer keeps your mattress clean and dry.
  • Also protects from dust, mites, and bacteria.
  • Cover mattress from all sides.
  • Poly cotton laminated an PU laminated.
  • Export quality product.

Stofotex - bed and bath store - Faisalabad, Pakistan4 Protective Layers

Our Water Proof Mattress Protector have 4 layers. First is micro fabric layer, second is polyester layer, third is Non-woven fabric layer, and fourth is lamination layer.

Elastic BoundaryStofotex - bed and bath store - Faisalabad, Pakistan

With elastic boundary, protector fit tightly over mattress and do not slip, like we usually see in other bed sheets and covers, this often happens while sleeping.

Diamond Pattern QuiltedStofotex - bed and bath store - Faisalabad, Pakistan

With Diamond Pattern quilted it helps the internal polyester layer to get a good grip along with cover.